Can you ever have it all as a working Mum?

Loads of people always comment that in order to fit in my workouts, my job and my family, I must be Superwoman. But my definition of Superwoman is an unearthly force of nature that has superhuman strength, perfect hair, complete selflessness and the most amazing outfits.

So as much as I appreciate the compliment and the sentiment, (and I really do as I love women who shout out to other women) that is DEFINITELY not me.

It’s none of us.

She’s not real, she’s a comic book character someone dreamt up.

For the record, I am obsessed with Gal Gadot in Wonderwoman, and Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, but you know they aren’t like that in real life either.

So how do I find the time to fit it all in - I’ll break it down for you:-

I don’t - Honestly, I sometimes don’t. It doesn’t always happen the way I plan despite best intentions and that’s OK!
Weekends are family time - yes there’s a few bits to do here and there online with the team and truly when you work in a startup, you never switch off as you’re constantly thinking about how to solve an issue, great ideas that get you up inthe night you have ro write down but the only pressure is on yourself. Remind yourself to be in the moment. (I’m actually writing this blog while the boys are at the rugby club to be fair, but they want to be there and I love writing, so it’s hardly a chore)
Live in hairdresser - I wish! I don’t have a live in hair dresser but I have a cleaner who can do hair! Instead of nights out every weekend, I pay the most wonderful lady to help me out on a Friday. She’s part of the family - she even watched Fred for me while I dashed onto the treadmill for 20 minutes the other day. She’s also a hairdresser so I can get some foils on between meetings on a Friday - so the quest for perfect hair is semi achievable. Admittedly, I do use dry shampoo. (name me a worse chore than washing and drying your hair, haha)
What’s on the menu - I plan all our meals - and I mean EVERYTHING! Especially in the school holidays. I do an online shop with everything we need for the week and know exactly what I am cooking and when. That way I know that everyone is getting the right amount of nutrition every day too.
In home spa - again, not really but I can pretend. I invested in a Body Ballancer - basically a lymphatic massage system that lives by the side of the bed. No spa required and while I’m in it at night before I go to sleep, i can light a few candles, put on a facemask while I make sure I catch up with friends and family, listen to an audio book or watch a film with Fred.
Spag Bol SuperSet - I’m lucky because I can wear my gym gear for work which means I don’t even have to get changed to get a quick session in and I have skillfully mastered the art of making a spag bol in between sets my online personal trainer Michelle has set me.
Teamwork - We pay a family gym membership which means we can take turns with Fred in the pool while the other one works out. I share some childcare with another woman who lives around the corner from me. I can’t take her little boy in the week because I’m too busy with work, but she takes Fred and I return the favour by taking them both at the weekends - Fred loves it and if you’ve got one 7 year old boy, you can deal with another!
Makeshift Gym - My husband and I plan and split workout times - he does morning, I do afternoon and that works for us. I get a little lie and snuggle with Fred and he can play football with him while I’m on a mat with a kettlebell in the garden (or if its raining in our makeshift gym in the garage)
Shower Squats - If I ever bend down to tidy up, pick toys up, search under the bed for lost cuddlies and pets, I do some impromptu press ups, I even coined the phrase shower squats - basically do a few sets while I carrying out the dreaded hair wash. When Fred was little I did glute raises, squats and clams on the bathroom floor while he splashed around in the bath listening to music and counting my reps, which btw also taught him how to count. I carried him up and down the stairs, I squatted with him on my back, we have Friday night dance offs in the kitchen, we race on the school track, basically wherever there is an opportunity to squeeze a few extra movements in, I do it.
No ‘Pain’ - I’ve got a breadmaker - you shove all the ingredients in and 4 hours later you have the perfect loaf every time. I mean, I could buy bread but the good stuff is way too expensive and the sliced loaves you get from the brands are full of preservatives. Plus it’s a good activity to do with Fred…… just feels a bit more wholesome, saves money and time and I don't care what anyone says about eating bread. It’s so good, life’s too short, just do more shower squats.

Anyway, boys have just rung and they are on their way back - it’s time for the Saturday night kitchen party ahead of our movie night. I reckon I’ll burn about 200 cals off with the embarrassing mum bopping - which definitely makes me feel better about the gin and slim I’m going to have!

I hope this helps someone and if anyone has any more hints, please feel free to share them with me @leahthespears