How Online Personal Training has changed my life.

I’ve battled all my life with my body. I’ve spent most of my youth jumping out of one eating disorder into another, whether that be starving myself, binging, drinking litres of green tea, only eating cake or at one point even making myself sick.

Until now. It’s taken me 41 years to realise that food is not the enemy. Loads of people say that life begins at 40 and it’s bloody true! At 41 and half, I have finally relaxed into myself and what I want and expect from my body.

I kind of lived through an era where ‘thin’ was Queen, all you heard was ‘nothing tastes as good as thin, a moment on the lips - a lifetime on the hips, the Atkins diet, the shakes diet, I’ll mostly be eating dust…..’ if you’re my age, you know the score. And then the world changed, it started to allow women to celebrate their bodies and the media lorded every shape and size, and every nuance of different bodies. Kim Kardahsian, for all her faults in many people’s eyes, was kind of at the centre of this, she wasn’t classically thin - or white, or tall - and I quite like what she brought to the party to popularize curves, even if sometimes she didn’t always get it right and most of the chat was about the size of her ass and whether it is real or not.

But it wasn’t the recent body positivity movement that helped me get to a new frame of mind, that wasn’t actually enough to convince me to change.

My moment came when I signed up to an online personal trainer - the amazing Michelle Lawrence, one of the coaches who uses our platform. Finding Class-ify and joining this elite team propelled me in the right direction, but it’s Michelle (along with a few other shit hot trainers I know like my local gym coach Matt Ashton @mattashton1988 and Travis Horn, @theBallanceGuru who gave me a head start) who has contributed to my own genuine body positivity.

Michelle is just one of many female trainers I know, and am now incredibly lucky to work with now, who encourages you to be strong, to commit to a change, a change you just can’t make on your own. She’s like a friend that is honest with you, that pushes you in the right direction without making you feel at the time like you aren’t good enough. She’s there for you when you need her even though you’re not meeting her face to face.

I’ll never be able to live 100% completely guilt free about what I eat, no matter how much I train, but at least I have finally learnt to give myself a break every now and then. My strive for utter excellence is futile as I’ll never really have the time to dedicate to absolute perfection because I have other people and other things that quite frankly matter more than how peachy my derriere is, but what’s satisfying and relieving is that I have confidence in myself.

I now properly understand that every little decision I make about how I treat myself, makes a difference and I can take each day as it comes and make the healthy choice in a much more holistic way as opposed to narrow mindedly focussing on my thigh gap.

Thank you Michelle.

Leah x